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What makes you money? My guess is not Bookkeeping or you would be a Bookkeeper! Since you're not you should hire a professional.

Whether you're just starting a business or have been in business for years, Business Management & Bookkeeping are vital and necessary to your peace of mind and the health of your business. 


Well-kept books do more than make IRS reporting easier; they help small business lower costs, improve profits and make better business decisions. And with a little assistance, your business's bookkeeping doesn't need to be difficult, time-consuming or expensive.

Fredericksburg Bookkeeping

TMD Services, LLC provides affordable Bookkeeping Services and peace of mind to business owners and individuals that "don't have time to balance their bank accounts".   Once in order your can utilize the information for establishing Budgets, Loans, Taxes, etc. 


By putting your Books in our hands, you ensure their accuracy and completeness, and maximize their usefulness for making better business decisions. More than a data entry clerk, you can rely on us to efficiently whip your Business & Books into shape and keep them there.

Discovery Package

  • All new clients begin with a Discovery so that we have a clear scope of work.

  • Meet with Tammy for about 2 hours to assess your current books and ongoing needs. Together create a task list with who is responsible for each task moving forward.

  • A document is prepared to synthesize the information into a profile of your organization: what systems you need and what tasks will get us there. The next step will either be Bookkeeping (if your books are clean and systems are ready to go) or Advanced Bookkeeping (to design and implement the systems you need and get your data up to date).

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A La Carte Bookkeeping

Some of our favorite clients don’t need regular bookkeeping and only call us when needed. We strive for the same high level of excellence as we do with our regular clients, but with the following caveats:

  • Catch up will be done on a cash basis

  • We have limited ability to estimate the timeline and cost of catch up work 

  • The client must review the reports for clarity and accuracy

  • The client must have their own financial advisory team (or be sufficiently financially literate themselves) for regulatory compliance

  • We cannot resolve outstanding questions if the client doesn’t provide the answer

  • Minimum is $75.00 Hourly


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Reconcile Review Report

Ideal for clients with the ability to enter transactions, but want a second set of expert eyes to check books monthly for potential errors. TMD Services LLC will confirm that the books are ready to produce accurate reports by:

  • Reconciling to bank and credit card statements

  • Reviewing reports to flush out coding errors

  • Answering your questions

  • Collaborative review of the results to make sure it all makes sense

  • Base price is $150.00 monthly


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Advanced Bookkeeping

Following your Discovery, a TMD Services LLC will implement the plan for your financial systems. Includes:

  • Set-up new books in Quickbooks and systems

  • Clean-up your existing QB account

  • Convert to a new accounting software platform if needed

  • Training

  • Base price is one time $250.00

Let’s Get Started!

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