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I have instituted a few changes this years so that I can better plan my workload and budget my time.  I will be taking in-house appointments, through my calendar, from the home page to accommodate your schedules as well as mine.  I am offering after hour and Saturday appointments.  For After Hour please call the office.  Thank You!

1. DUE January 31st: While I have in the past waited patiently to hear from each of you in your timeframe, I now require your response on or before Wednesday,  January 31st, indicating that you plan to engage my services for the upcoming tax season. To confirm your intent, you must submit an Advance Payment of $50 by Check or Digital Payment on the 2024 Tax Season Tab on my website. This amount will be applied to your invoice when services have been rendered. If I have not received your retainer by Wednesday, January 31st, I will presume that we are no longer working together and that you have elected to file on your own or engage another practitioner.

 2. DUE February 29th: Please head to my website, 2024 Tax Season Tab and download the Client Packet. This packet contains everything you’ll need for the upcoming tax season, including a list of Documents Needed for Tax Preparation, Supporting Data Required, Office Policies, and various forms that you’ll have to sign to jump-start the tax preparation process. Be sure to sign and return the following to me on or before Friday, February 29th:

 • Engagement Agreement – please initial on Page 1 and sign on Page 2.

 • Taxpayer Consent – please sign. NOTE: The format of the Taxpayer Consent form is dictated by the US Department of Treasury and is intended to cover all eventualities. I ask that you sign the form to give me permission to calculate your estimated tax payments [which I may otherwise not do] and to use your mail and e-mail addresses [yes, those are considered “taxpayer information”]  promise not to share your information with third parties or in any other manner which you have not authorized.

 3. DUE March 22nd: Submit your tax data by mail, fax, upload or scan.. Please use my secure upload link – it is easy to use and on a secured portal. Clients who are unable or choose not to submit their information digitally can send your information via USPS Priority Mail, UPS, or FedEx. I will, of course, acknowledge receipt of your materials and place your file into my queue. NOTE: In-person appointments, you will need to bring all of your information for your appointment.

 I cannot guarantee timely completion of the tax prep process if data is submitted after the March 22nd deadline. As a result, your returns will be placed on extension. The fee for filing the Extension is $100, and will be due on March 25th. NOTE: While an extension extends the time for filing, it does not extend the time for payment and so it will be your responsibility to estimate your TY’23 tax liability and submit it with the extension request. I will be happy to assist and/or arrange for automatic withdrawal of the amount due.  Individual returns on extension will be due October 15th. To ensure timely filing, I must have all outstanding data on or before Friday, September 20th.

Once your returns have been completed, they will be electronically and securely delivered to you. Clients who do not have internet access may request a hard copy of the completed tax packet. Upon Receipt of your Return, I respectfully request that you promptly pay my invoice.

 4. FEES: This year, many of my clients will experience a fee increase designed to offset inflationary pressures and institute a pricing schedule that is commensurate with rates charged by tax pros of equal experience and expertise. While I do not wish to announce an across-the-board increase, you should expect a step-up that may range anywhere from 10 to 20%. Presuming that your tax situation remains unchanged from the prior year, your fees for TY’23 will be based upon the fee charged for TY’22 plus a market-rate adjustment. Should your situation become more complex, your fees will necessarily rise further.

5. DISCOUNTS: Your fee increase may be offset in part or in whole with Student, Military, Senior or Multi-Return Discounts (10%). 

6. SERVICE CONTRACT: While I’m always pleased to answer your e-mails, texts and return your calls, I have – with premonition – posted the answers to many of your questions on my website on a page entitled How to… Topics range from how to reach the IRS, Check your Refund, find out if your amended return has been processed, order a transcript, etc.  However, if you would like to receive more personalized attention and answers to questions as they pertain specifically to you, you may purchase my PFA (Pay for Access) Service Contract for a flat fee of $75 (for Individuals ONLY) rather than incur consultation fees that will otherwise be billed at $100/hour with a minimum $25. The Contract entitles you to free year-round consultation on most routine tax issues and is available for a 20% discount ($60) if purchased when your returns are delivered to you.

So, let’s get started! Watch the deadlines. And help me to help you…


Opinions and recommendations stated herein are limited to those issues discussed above. This opinion does not consider or provide a conclusion with respect to any additional issues that may exist. Please be advised that any tax advice in this communication, including attachments and enclosures, was not intended or written to be used--and cannot be used by any taxpayer--for the purposes of avoiding any penalties that may be imposed by the tax authorities.

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